Hi there, I’m Timur, nice to meet You! 🙂Timur_small300

As You can imagine, this site is about growing Your Self-Confidence. It’s called Get Started Self-Confidence because I am myself in the process of growing (which is a never ending process anyways) right now and I felt like I could pass on the things I learned and experienced so far. I feel like sometimes it’s better to learn from someone while they’re still learning themselves because that way it’s more immediate and not so far away. So let me share my experience with You while I’m still on the way and hopefully You will get the most out of it!

This Blog is for You, if…

  • You feel that there is more in You and You want to become the best version of You
  • You are afraid to show who You really are and what others might think (but still have a deep desire to share)
  • You want to handle Your emotions instead of letting them handle You
  • You are searching for applicable methods and techniques to grow Your Self-Confidence

I am not a doctor and I don’t have any kind of degree. What I share with You on this Blog is just what I found out by reading or attending seminars and mostly through trying it out to gain experience. So what You will get here is what worked best for me so far and whatever will be added on the way as I’m trying out new things…

I will present You some background information as good as I can but mostly actionable content that You can immediately apply in Your own life which I find the best way of learning anyways.

You are happily invited to cantact me if You have questions or leave comments under the articels to share Your experience with other readers as well. I also invite You to be part of the Facebook group (*yet to be formed) which will hopefully become a community of like-minded people that will share their learnings between each other. This is also an important part as You can back up and support each other because growing Your Self-Confidence isn’t always easy, especially in the beginning. So knowing that You are not alone and that there are others around to support You is in itself part of Your growing process.

I am very excited and can’t wait to see how this Blog and the community around it will develop!






I just want to make clear that although I intend to write about topics that may sometimes relate to the area of psychology I am by no means an expert in that field whatsoever. Everything I pass on here is based on reading and mostly own experience.


P.S. If You may wonder about my english and/or writing style sometimes, please consider that I am German. I decided to write this Blog in English mainly because I want to improve my language skills but also because most of the content I consume about this topic is by American authors.