Your Life — Your Responsibility

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

— Mark Twain

What’s Your life like at this moment? Are You sailing? Are You living Your dreams, Your life? Do You live Yourself?

Or do You live Your life according to other people’s expectations? Are You still sitting at the harbor because X, Y, or Z are holding You back?

Do You sometimes hear Yourself say: “I can’t right now because – blablabla…

Well, I got news for You: You can do anything You want, any time, at any place!

Yes, you read it correctly. I claim that You can choose Your life at any time. All excuses You come up with not to do something are exactly that: excuses.

“Whoever says he can’t doesn’t want to.”

Victim Mentality

Most people think that they’ve got no choice. The boring job, the pushy girl-/boyfriend, the postponed summer trip… They’re stuck in that old “I can’t because…” BS.

You bet You can!

You can quit Your job today, put a stop to Your pushy girl-/boyfriend, or make Your way to Hawaii for Your long-overdue vacation.

Now You may want to say “Hold on, wait a moment, it’s not so easy, you know.” No chance!

Let me tell You a little secret about this: The problem is never that You can’t do whatever You want. You actually don’t want to. Why? Because You fear the consequences.

Every decision has consequences and in the case of I can’t You’re simply not willing to carry the consequences. But You can always decide. It’s Your choice. You have the power to decide for Your life the way You want it. You alone!

Let’s take the boring job example: “I have to keep on working in this job even though it’s boring and completely unfulfilling. How am I otherwise going to pay my bills and where would I find a new job? No, I really can’t quit my job.”

Of course you can. You just don’t want to. You can go to Your boss today and tell him that You won’t be there tomorrow.

  1. You can do anything. 2. Everything You do has consequences.

If You don’t quit You simply weigh up both possibilities. You compare them and make Your decision. You keep Your job most likely because You (think) You know the outcome and that it’s safe. You may as well quit and start looking for another, more exciting job.

Most people stay in their boring, unfulfilling jobs because they know what to expect and therefore make their choice, day by day, even though they’re sick to death of it.

Quitting means a new, unpredictable situation which will bring about change together with all the consequences. If You don’t want to carry them, that’s ok. But You need to be aware that You always have the choice. You decide. Every day. Every moment.

No one forces You to live Your life the way it is right now. In every situation You can decide how You want to move on.

You always have a choice.

Live on Your own authority

You need to understand that Your life is Your own responsibility. You need to know that no one but You is responsible to make You happy.

That’s why it’s best to step out of passivity. Refrain from making accusations and stop blaming others. If You want something You need to become active. Go out there and get it!

Don’t wait for someone to come and serve You the things You want on a silver plate. This will never happen.

Take responsibility for Your own life. Be the captain. Take the wheel of Your ship and start designing Your life the way You want it.

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

― Henry David Thoreau

Don’t be one of them. Go out there. Sail!

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