Self-Confidence Hacks – 2. Write It Down

Write it down

You’ll forget what You learned yesterday quicker than You may think if You don’t regularly remind Yourself. That’s why it’s crucial that You write down what’s important to You. (=> Write It Down.)

That goes especially for intentions You need to track like changing habits or establishing new ones for example.

We may be quick in making a decision but following through and regularly reminding Yourself isn’t that easy.

Therefore: Write It Down.

“What gets tracked increases.”

I got this quote from Harv Eker’s Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and it’s one of the first things I am currently trying to apply to my own life. Keeping track of things means getting ahead of those things.

A good way to start with are post-it notes. It may not look so nice if You have them sticking around all over Your place but they can be of great help when it comes to regularly reminding Yourself of Your intentions and the things that are important to You, for example Your mantras.

Of course a calendar or notebook will also do the job if You are already used to it. I’ve been having difficulties because I would intentionally write things down to remember and then forget to regularly check my notes/calendar. Meanwhile I’m getting used to it and the more I write things down and reflect on my thoughts the better they seem to get.

Journaling is another nice way of keeping track of Your things, especially Your thoughts. It is also a good instrument for reflection.

I found the Five-Minute Journal a good way to start getting used to journaling, especially since it really doesn’t take much time. I’ve been using it for quite a while now and what I like about it is that it combines basic reflection and intentional work.

Another concept I recently came over is the Bullet Journal. I find that one really interesting because it provides an easy framework that You can then build up on with Your own unique style and creativity. Also check YouTube for videos on both journals for inspiration.

What do Write It Down and Self-Confidence have in common?

Well, I’d say just try it out and You’ll see for Yourself 😉

I guess the most important part is that writing things down helps You remember them tremendously. The result is that You feel less stressed about remembering all the stuff that You have/want to do and therefore You’re more relaxed which affects Your behavior.

Writing things down also helps You prioritizing Your tasks. Knowing what to do next without having to worry about all the other stuff that would otherwise be in Your head and distract You will automatically lead to more Self-Confidence.

So You see, it’s definitely worth it. If You’re like me someone who regularly tends to fall back into believing that You can remember all the stuff (although You should know better by experience) I recommend You try it out. The sooner You start the better.

Your Turn 🙂

If You haven’t been used to using notes, calendar, or journal pick one that resonates with You and just start using it. As always take it easy. Don’t rush anything but keep it up continuously doing baby steps one at a time until You got used to it and eventually start to like it. Finally You may even feel that something is missing if You didn’t write down Your thoughts…

If You are already used to writing things down and keeping track of Your stuff please share Your experience and let us know how You do it.


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