Self-Confidence Hacks – 1. Change Your Style

Hey guys, with this article I want to start a small series of articles with little hacks that You can apply immediately to help You build up Self-Confidence. Don’t ask how or why they may make sense (one of the questions that are often holding us back) and just have fun doing the exercise. 🙂

Change Your Style: A nice little exercise that You can integrate into Your every-day-life and which will help You grow Your Self-Confidence.

The idea is to change Your style in a way that it will make You slightly uncomfortable but not so much that You wouldn’t dare going outside anymore. Try to dress as usual and only change some detail or add something You wouldn’t usually wear.

This is not about dressing up though but to step out of Your comfort zone. Your style change should demand a little courage of Yourself to go outside with Your new look.

At the end of the day You will see that all the worries You may have had were unfounded and that it wasn’t so bad at all.

After the third day with Your new look You won’t make such a big deal out of it any more…

A Few Suggestions / Examples for Style Change

  • Paint Your finger nails in a conspicuous color.
  • Wear a funny hat. (Examples: Propeller Hat, Roman Knight)
  • Wear a funny shirt that doesn’t fit Your usual style.
  • Wear a conspicuous dress.
  • Get a new, unusual haircut.
  • Put on bright pink socks.
  • Walk barefoot in the city.
  • Anything else that will stretch Your comfort zone. Be creative!

If the above examples constitute Your usual style then You might be better off to go out looking as “normal” as possible: Take the color off Your finger nails, don’t wear a hat, put on black socks, wear the most boring clothes You have.

As I said the exercise is about stretching Your comfort zone without going too crazy. Check Your personal fear level when You do this. Whatever style change You might want to try, on a scale from 1 to 10 (with 1 being normal and ten close to dying) You don’t want to go beyond 5 in the beginning. 3 or 4 should be a good start.

You should challenge Yourself in some way and expose Yourself to the fear that may come up. Finally it’s about recognizing that although the people around You will notice the change the “thrill” will most likely be over after 2-3 seconds.

When they ask if You lost a bet or something Your answer should be: “No.” and You might also want to add: “I do this for mayself ;-).”

Your turn 🙂

Think of a style change that You would like to try out and have fun doing it!

Share Your experience!

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