Mental Training: How to Improve Your Self-Confidence through Visualisation

“Picture yourself vividly as winning and that alone will contribute immeasurably to success. Great living starts with a picture, held in your imagination, of what you would like to do or be.”

― Harry Emerson Fosdick

“Victory starts in the head.” This quote is not only known to sportsmen, it’s also an undisputed phenomenon in success psychology.

It’s a helpful method to “see” those situations in which You’d like to act differently before Your mind’s eye. Or view them as a play with You being the main actor. The better You become in vividly imagining Yourself acting the way You want to the better Your real life results will be.

You probably know this: If You know beforehand how You want to approach something it usually works out well. On the other hand, if You lack that kind of preceding imagination You are more likely to fail.

Don’t leave it to chance though what and how You imagine it. You can learn to actively influence this process and increase Your chance of a positive result.

Mental Training

Your current behavior is nothing but Your current mental image about how You (unconsciously) think You have to (re-)act. You can now use this exact condition to consciously choose how You want to react in the future and thus develop a more self-confident behavior.

If You want to use this method You should take some time to practice it. 30 Minutes per day over a period of at least two weeks should do for the beginning.

Sit down, close Your eyes, and relax (in the Free Guide You can find a concrete relaxation method). Then start to bring a situation to Your mind where You want to act more self-confident. It’s not important how You reacted in the past or if You believe in that moment that You will actually be more self-confident the next time.

Just sit down and say to Yourself: “For the next 30 minutes I will imagine how I will behave in that situation.”

How It Works

Picture the situation as clearly and vividly as possible. Where are You? Who is there with You? How is the light? How is Your posture? What do You see? What do You hear? What do You feel? How do You react? How do You behave?

See Yourself acting, how You behave, dive into Your feelings. Again, it’s important to imagine everything clearly and vividly. Try to feel like You are actually there.

Be aware during the process and pay close attention to the details.

Now imagine what it would feel like to act as this new person. If You’ve been rather shy and reserved, imagine Yourself in a situation with lots of people around You where You enjoy being the center of attention. You love to be there and feel totally great.

If You are scared of a certain situation, imagine that. Only this time You appear completely calm and steady. It doesn’t bother You and You feel good, secure, and self-confident.

Extra Tip: If You have difficulties picturing Yourself directly try to imagine sitting in a cinema and watching a movie on screen with You being the main actor.

Why It Works

We are taking advantage of the fact that our brain can’t differentiate vividly imagined situations from real life. It’s like installing new memories or positive experiences as reference in Your mind. This gives You a new set of possible reactions to choose from and You can now appear more self-confident.

You will be amazed when You first recognize how You start to act differently in those previously imagined situations. You won’t have to think about what to do any more, it just happens automatically. And that’s exactly how it should be – in a positive way, of course!

Preparation + Execution = Change

Just like mentioned in the last article How To Get From Reading To Acting it’s not enough to gain the knowledge and apply it. Execution is absolutely essential – You must DO. Training Your mind alone will not result in growing Your Self-Confidence. You can only achieve it by doing the things You learned.

Mental Training will drastically increase the possibility to succeed. True victory can only be achieved by facing the challenges of life.

Your Turn 🙂

  • Do the exercise as described above and practice Your imagination.
  • Share Your experiences and leave a comment.

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