How to get from Reading to Acting, from Theory to Practice

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

While reading, listening to audio programs or consuming other resources for self-help is important, concrete action is absolutely essential! If I were to rate it I’d say 30% theory and 70% practice. That should give You an idea about the ratio and a vague point of reference. A basic rule of thumb is to put everything you read into practice if it’s actionable. Just try it out. 😉

Facing Your fears is by far the most important and yet at the same time most challenging part in growing Self-Confidence. (You may want to return to The 3 Seconds Rule concerning this topic.)

The thing is: You can read all the books, websites, or blogs. Just by doing so You will barely change anything. You have to go out and apply what You’ve learned. As Goethe would say: “Do it!” 😉

Only through practice can You recognise that all those thoughts and worries You entertain inside Your head have almost nothing to do with the real world and exist only in Your imagination. Once You faced Your fears You’ll recognise how overwhelming it feels to realise that it’s actually not that bad.

These are the positive real-world experiences that You need as reference points to grow Your Self-Confidence. Try to gain as many as possible because Your experiences will determine how You view the world, the people around You, and Yourself. So the more experience You can get, the better.

To put it in fewer words: Face Your fears as often as possible!

Theory – The Basics

Theory is important. It motivates and encourages You to change. It helps You to develop the right mindset and beliefs You need in order to replace Your current habits that hold You back. There may be some truth in the saying that “games are won in the head”.

The more precisely You are able to visualize Yourself acting self-confident in a situation the more it becomes possible that You will (re-)experience it that way in reality.

If You just keep reading though and surfing the web, hanging out in self-help forums, helpful theory may actually turn against You because it becomes an excuse for not working on Yourself in real life.

Maybe this seems familiar to You: “I only need to read X,Y,Z, get some opinions, ask my friends what they think, then I’ll be ready to go…”

Sorry, doesn’t work like that. You will certainly get to the point where You’ve read enough and it’s time for action. And that’s sooner than later. I’d go so far as to say it’s NOW.

You’ve already read enough, You already gained some knowledge, NOW is the time to go out there and apply it!

Practice – The Real Change

Simply put: it’s impossible to „read“ Yourself more self-confident. In order to gain and grow Self-Confidence You need to go out there and experience it Yourself. Just like You can’t learn how to drive only by reading the manual. You actually have to do it. You have to get out of passiveness and become active. It’s the only way You can learn that the world really isn’t so bad. Remember, Your fears are mostly just made up in Your head.

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One way that can make it easier for You is to find people that are already self-confident (or at least more than You are at the moment) and start spending time with them. That way You can model their behavior in those areas where it might be helpful for You.

I understand, of course, that this sounds easier than it can actually be but it’s sure not impossible. If You may think something like “Who would want to hang out with me?” then You may have a limiting belief that You will best get rid of by facing it. (Again, refer to The 3 Seconds Rule).

There is also a warning: You need to consciously choose the persons You would like to hang out with (that counts for Your current friends as well). It might be tempting to think that the guys who hang out at the gym (basically nothing wrong with that, I even recommend it) and always have a new girlfriend are self-confident and You’d like to learn from them. Or for the girls the ones that are always dressed up and have many „friends“. I’m kind of thinking in clichés here but I hope You get the point. Even though those people may seem self-confident, it’s not the kind of Self-Confidence we’re striving for. What You want are people who are caring, honest, sober, that stand up for their values, and whose presence gives You a good, pleasant feeling.

There is a rule that says “You are the average of the 5 people You spend the most time with.” So You may want to take stock of Your friends, family and others around You and start to deliberately decide with whom You spend the most time.

The main purpose is that You’ll see them doing things You may be scared of and You could recognise: “If it’s no big deal for them why should I be scared of doing it?”

Your Turn 🙂

Gather all of Your courage and go for it! You’ve already read enough. You can start applying now. It’s time to bring about some change in Your life through real, practical experience.


P.S. Although it may partly sound like it I don’t mean You shouldn’t read any more. Books (as well as blog posts 😉 ) are an important source of knowledge and I recommend that You do read every day. What I wanted to say here is that it’s even more important though to go out there and put into action what You learned through reading.

Interested in some more, valuable information for immediate action?

Grab a copy of Your Free Guide ‘10+2 Actionable Tips on How to Grow Your Self-Confidence‘ here:

Your e-mail will be kept safely and never be passed on to anyone.

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