The 3-Seconds Rule for higher Self-Confidence

Today it’s time to start with something practical. Becoming active is the best way for a sustanable development of Your level of Self-Confidence.

Challenge Yourself to do the things You’re scared of. Face Your fears and You’ll see afterwards that it’s actually not as bad or difficult as You may have thought. You may want to take a similar approach as in ‘Handling Your Weaknesses‘ though and start little by little and increase Your steps as Your level of Self-Confidence grows.

After You did something You were scared of You’ll often afterwards hear Yourself saying: “That wasn’t so hard. Why didn’t I do that earlier?”

It’s like the first time jumping from the 5 meters diving platform. In the beginning you are scared of it but when You ovarcame Your fear and jumped you recognise that there really wasn’t anything to be scared of. You may even recognise that it’s fun and You like it!

The thing is that You can’t know it before You did it but instead of just doing it and find out we entertain the wildest thoughts and imagintions in our heads. In fact we’re all experts in imagining the most dreadful things that could happen.

“Everyone will laugh at me.”

“I will look like a complete failure / fool / idiot / You name it…”

“Nobody is ever going to talk to me again.”

Complete garbage. These are all thoughts that only take place in Your head and have nothing to do with real life.

Unfortunately in this way we often lose the courage to go through a situation and do what we always do: nothing. We let it pass by, remain passive, keep our mouth shut and everything remains the same…

A vicious circle.

You don’t do the exact thing that would help You grow Your Self-Confidence because You’re scared to encounter an unpleasant situation. That way You won’t get past Your fears. In fact You even increase them each time You remain passive. So here is what to do:

The 3 Seconds Rule

Each time You encounter a situation that scares You give Yourself a maximum of 3 seconds to face Your fear. No thinking. Decide within 3 seconds that You will do it. Now. No excuses.

It’s like getting out of Your bed in the morning. You either get up immediately or You start thinking and looking for excuses why You should stay in bed another five minutes until it’s almost too late.

So here’s Your action sequence:

  • Recognise the situation (that’s scaring You)
  • Count to 3
  • Do it!
  • No thinking

Make an agreement with Yourself that You only have those 3 seconds. If You didn’t start until then it’s over, the chance is gone. You’re not allowed to take action any more (for this time). Why? That will increase the possibility that You will actually do it the next time. You don’t always want to run away.

One method to make it easier for You is to get Yourself physically moving. For example if You want to talk to someone but You’re avoiding the person out of fear immediately start to approach him/her the next time You see him/her. Again, no thinking. Get in motion immediately. Once he/she recognises You there’s no way out. Count to 3 and say it. Now.

The 3 Seconds Rule is a very helpful method to get past Your fears. What makes this rule so powerful is that You start acting before You allow Yourself to start thinking. Thus You avoid holding Yourself back by imagining all kinds of embarrassing things that might happen or coming up with excuses.

Your turn 🙂

Go outside, face Your fears. Start with the smaller ones as said in the beginning. The greatest advantage of the 3 Seconds Rule is that You will get used to facing Your fears which contributes to Your Self-Confidence because each time You overcome another fear Your level of Self-Confidence grows.

So go for it now and have fun doing it!


P.S. One important hing to mention: If You fail to act fast enough before Your thinking starts, don’t condemn Yourself. That would be totally counterproductive. Instead commit to taking the next chance. Be kind but honest to Yourself. At the end of the day You’re the only one who can hold You accountable.

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